Fire Safety Training

VR experience

Ensuring people’s safety should be the top priority for any business. But, with companies typically running fire-safety training as an annual event, how do they maintain adequate levels of capability during the months in between? And will people perform effectively and safely in the heat of the moment?


We developed a virtual-reality (VR) experience that provides a safe place for employees to practice, fail and improve their fire-safety skills, as often as they need. Set in an immersive office environment, users face randomised, realistic scenarios involving a range of fires and firefighting equipment, and need to follow best-practice guidelines to raise the alarm and ensure the building is clear before assessing and tackling the fire.

Our fire-safety VR experience is designed to help people:

  • Identify escape routes, raise alarms and evacuate the building

  • Deal with different types of fire safely

  • Locate and use relevant equipment effectively

  • Develop emotional resilience by controlled exposure to traumatic situations

  • Understand how fire behaves, grows and spreads

  • Recognise the danger of extreme heat and smoke through visual and audio effects

  • Improve their performance with real-time coaching

Fire Ex Icon-Terracotta-01.png
Fire Ex Icon-Terracotta-01.png
Fire Ex Icon-Terracotta-01.png
VR is an effective way to practise dangerous tasks in a safe and scalable way. When faced with a real fire, you may only get one chance, but in VR you can practise safely until you get it right.