Reinforcement Learning, Gamified

The client produced an AI white paper to describe its new AI-ready servers. The challenge we were faced with was how, in an IT world, to communicate these key features to channel partners and, more importantly, to end users. How do we help them sell the solution in an environment where marketing is changing from push to pull?

Our solution

By combining our specialism in reinforcement learning and virtual reality, we created a fully immersive customer experience in which we demonstrated the AI abilities of our client system. The end user could enter this experience and see how they performed against a fully trained AI. Could they do better? How far could we get with AI?

Why did we gamify this experience?

  • We are all saturated with the noise we get from media. This solution enables the user to fully immerse themselves away from distractions

  • The solution draws end users into conversations at events

  • There is less pressure on hard selling and more focus on a memorable customer experience

Why reinforcement learning?

We all learn from previous experiences, and this is exactly what the AI does for us here. It has learned a scenario over time, and not only does it get better, but, by using the client’s AI-ready server, it’s able to learn a lot faster than on any other server.

We see this principle being applied to any business – creating an algorithm for their own challenges and training it against their own big data.

The added value

  • An embedded leaderboard creates competition – keeping end users engaged

  • It also acts as a lead-generation tool – ultimately this is what you want to get, right?

If you would like to learn more about how we may be able to help you meet your business challenges using next-generation customer experiences in AI and immersion, please get in touch.