Mixed Reality (MR) meets Magic Leap

MR is showing us what’s possible when we combine our real world with digital objects – allowing us to learn about, interact with and explore many different things in safe, more familiar environments.

Wearable devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens® have already given us a glimpse of this new reality. And we’re exploring other solutions on the horizon that promise to further enhance our simulated surroundings.

One of our latest solutions is Magic Leap, which provides its own MR experience by projecting light fields in front of the user, making each digital element look more realistic than ever.

This has the potential to open the door to many new opportunities in business, healthcare, education and other industries – giving staff, colleagues, customers and patients more memorable ways of learning.

For instance, with an immersive MR experience, new starters can get up to speed with workplace orientation and escape routes by finding key locations or places of interest in their real environment, using virtual objects. This is a great way for HR departments to invigorate their onboarding programme and impress new starters – making the experience much more engaging.

70% of employees surveyed said the quality of training and development influences their decision to stay with a company.

If you’re interested in learning more about MR or Magic Leap, email us here.

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