A world of possibilities for immersive VR experiences

You’ve probably heard about our innovative Fire Safety training experience in stunning virtual reality (VR). If you haven’t, you can read about that and our other immersive-training work here.

Practical, immersive learning experiences work for many reasons: the sense of presence and immersion, of drama unfolding right before your eyes, and the hands-on activities all aid in creating more memorable training. Being allowed to make mistakes and see the consequences of your actions, in real time, is very powerful; it’s like instant feedback for your ‘in the moment’ decisions. People can react very differently when under pressure, facing a crisis or in a dangerous situation. Learning the skills you need to react safely, whilst under this pressure, makes training much more effective. In a real fire, you may only get one chance, but in VR you can practice again and again, safely, until you get it right.

That said, did you realise you can apply the same design principles to many other areas of training as well?

Health and safety training

Health and safety training is often considered to be pretty boring, but imagine walking around a huge office or warehouse environment in stunning VR, trying to identify potential hazards. Throw in a timer and you suddenly have a race against the clock. How about a leaderboard, too? It’s a great way to add a competitive edge to health and safety. You can even add multiple levels that can be unlocked when users have reached the required standard. Gamification is proven to appeal to adult learners, increasing both engagement and long-term knowledge retention.

Compliance training

Another dull (but necessary) annual event. With that in mind, what if you had a training solution that people actually wanted to engage with? What if they were tasked with searching an office for data breaches or evidence of a mole in the firm, looking for clues like unencrypted USB drives on desks, unlocked computers or private data in the bins? You now have an innovative way to ensure compliance across your organisation in an engaging and effective way. Compliance training becomes something people want to do, not just once a year, but once a week or whenever they can. Compliance doesn’t have to be just ticking a box.


It’s not something we want to acknowledge but, in the current climate, shouldn’t your employees know how to react in the event of a terrorist attack? Lone shooters, knife attacks or suspicious parcels are all unnervingly common these days. How can you be sure your teams are adequately prepared? Is reading a policy really enough? Walmart recently went public about their anti-terror training and openly said VR training saved lives in El Paso, Texas. What better return on investment could you ever ask for?

With independent research showing that VR can be up to 50% more effective than traditional methods, it’s no wonder so many organisations are turning to VR for a scalable and effective way to develop the skills that matter the most. After all, your people are your company’s greatest asset, so keeping them safe should be your number-one priority.

The possibilities are quite literally endless.

If you’d like to find out more about how VR could help your business increase capability, improve performance and drive engagement, email us at: Hello.Volume@volume.ai.

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