Bee the Eventbot

AI-powered chatbot

Global giant Microsoft was preparing for its annual AI Executive Summit in Dublin, Ireland, and wanted to provide its prospects and attendees with a quick and easy way to ask questions about the event and get the answers they needed. With a highly diverse target audience, Microsoft needed to provide information around the clock and in multiple languages.

We developed Bee: an AI-powered chatbot that gives Microsoft’s event attendees a single point of contact for all event-related information – from how to get there and where to park, to speaker profiles and dietary requirements. Bee can also make the most of our human-in-the-loop functionality, which directs users to a member of staff if Bee is unable to answer their questions – significantly reducing the risk of poor customer experiences.

Bee helps Microsoft:


  • Free staff from having to answer mundane, often repetitive FAQs

  • Increase ticket sales through a seamless sign-up process

  • Provide 24/7 information to prospects in all time zones

  • Cater for guests speaking different languages

  • Maximise conversion opportunities, because attendees gain relevant information at the point of need

Chatbots can…
Cut support costs by up to
Answer up to
of routine questions
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