Dell EMC

Product Showroom

VR training experience

Dell EMC wanted to showcase a wide range of its products in multiple office environments, without having to constantly travel to different locations and transport expensive equipment.

Designed for the Vive Focus Plus (a standalone headset), we created a virtual-reality (VR) experience called the VR Product Showroom. It enabled Dell EMC customers, partners and staff to move around a simulated environment of a modern office and learn about key features of Dell Displays and Peripherals.

The whole experience helps:


  • Cut costs associated with transporting equipment and employees’ travelling

  • Provide people with a safe and convenient environment to learn in

  • Improve knowledge retention thanks to more-interactive learning techniques

  • Impress peers, colleagues and prospects by showcasing this informative experience at events

Dell VR.png

“Volume has produced exactly what we needed. It … will enable our teams to showcase the Display and Peripheral products in an almost real-world setup.”

— Head of Product Marketing, Dell EMC