Dell EMC

Virtual Playground

VR training experience

Dell EMC needed a cost- and time-efficient way for partners and resellers to understand its products’ USPs – helping them successfully promote and sell them to their customers.

We created the Dell EMC™ Virtual Playground – a fully immersive virtual-reality (VR) experience of a modern skyscraper – which enables users to make their way across three floors and experience different features and benefits of Dell EMC products. This includes the compact size and multi-mounting options of the OptiPlex™ Micro computer, the versatility and robustness of the Latitude™ laptop and the powerful design capabilities of the Dell Precision™ workstation.

The Dell EMC Virtual Playground helps:


  • Improve knowledge retention thanks to more interactive learning techniques

  • Encourage healthy competition through timed challenges

  • Cut costs associated with equipment transportation and employees’ travelling

In addition to this, the Virtual Playground has been designed to evolve in unison with the Dell product range, so it can be updated with new products upon their release.

product game.png