Conversational AI experience

AI-powered chatbot

What does the future of finance in retail look like? And how can banks innovate to stay ahead? Finastra – a global financial technology company – wanted to highlight how they’re already focusing on the future and potential impact of innovation in the fintech industry.

We developed a conversational AI experience called FINN (Financial Intelligence Neural Network) and trained it to answer finance-related questions in retail. Anyone who visited the Finastra Experience Centre (FEC) could ask FINN anything about Finastra’s retail solutions or generic questions about other innovations in the industry.

FINN helps Finastra:


  • Provide a memorable conversational-AI experience for visitors at the FEC space 

  • Show its credentials in conversational AI

  • Serve up relevant answers and supporting content to customers’ questions

  • Demonstrate that it’s an innovative and forward-thinking company in the fintech industry

FINN answers 95%
of customers’ questions correctly.