Product Training

MR experience

Wind farms aren’t exactly easy locations to get to or safe places to work. Castrol needed to highlight the importance of lubricants in wind turbines (because they significantly reduce costly unscheduled downtime) without having to travel to multiple sites.

We created a self-contained mixed-reality (MR) experience where users could put on a Microsoft® HoloLens® headset and explore a 3D-rendered version of a wind turbine in their real-life environment. This allowed customers and staff to learn about the inner workings of these complex pieces of equipment and Castrol’s lubricants, without the risks of being in potentially dangerous locations.

This easy-to-use solution helps Castrol:

  • Train more staff on a wide range of solutions and wind-turbine features

  • Increase the safety of staff by keeping them in a familiar environment

  • Cut costs associated with employees’ travelling

  • Improve the way prospects and colleagues learn about Castrol’s lubricants